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Lacrosse "Peace of Mind" Endorsement

"Peace of Mind" Endorsement

General Liability Extension for Certified Teams, Leagues and Associations

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Peace of Mind Endorsement

Bill Amount: $50

Team/League/Association Name (to appear on endorsement) *

Address (to appear on endorsement) *

Complete the following to confirm that you are a “Certified Organization” (Team, League or Association) who follows this 2-step procedure for verifying 100% US Lacrosse membership
  1. We have written by-laws or guidelines that require all players and coaches (for teams or leagues) or all officials (for officials’ associations) to be registered members of US Lacrosse in order to participate.

  2. We have a systematic membership verification process to ensure that all participants are members for the duration of the season (check which method applies):

I attest that the Certified Team, League or Association on whose behalf I am requesting this endorsement mandates 100% membership in US Lacrosse. In addition, I have verified our roster using one of the above mentioned procedures, and all participants are currently registered members of US Lacrosse.

Please note: You will receive the endorsement by email in 2 - 3 business days.

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"Peace of Mind" Endorsement
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